Waterdeep Warriors

Game on!

The group needs to speed things up to catch up to these troublemakers.

I say, this is strange news indeed. Apparently there is a gang of ruffians going by the name of the “Sliders”. They seem to be comprised of young people from various different backgrounds. I’ve seen many with their blood red bandanas flapping behind them as they come skittering through town at break neck speed. The Watch has caught and fined many of them, but they typically go through town so fast and so abruptly the watch is unable to get a handle on the group.

Last I hear my good friends have managed to catch one of them. Their interrogation of the person has been going well. I think they have a direction to search. The guard has turned a blind eye while they check out this lead.


Speed things up to catch the Sliders….your so Puny!

Game on!

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