Waterdeep Warriors

The Mourning After

Everyone deals with the somber reality that Veran their friend and leader, has been lost....

Gods be Damned!

I can’t believe that boy is dead. I know he had no sense of humor, but he was someone I could count on. The rest of the new troupe seems more like a band of beggars and manure farmers than they do proper adventurer’s. That Clay fellow has done nicely by them to get everyone home safe, but what will they do without Veran? Who will lead this rif-raff? Also, I hope they don’t pull my tab at the Dancing Mermaid.

If it weren’t for the free drinks, I mean the great atmosphere I’d stop going. I can’t put up with another terrible ballad that pompous moron Danillo Thann has been vomitting at the audience lately. Honestly, I don’t know why all those women fawn over him so. Even the twins, Golden Steel and Winter’s Breath, are always drawn to the pig faced dandy!

I’d be suprised too if the mermaid had any money left the way their caretaker Cuanu has been running things. I tell you, the orphanges’ and churchs’ pockets are mighty heavy. The poor sod has a nice heart, but he’s bad for a business. I heard he sponsored the entirety of the new central orphanage of waterdeep with funds from the troupe’s pockets. I tell you, if Marco were half the buffoon that this Cuanu is when it comes to running an establishment, I’d beat him senseless. I asked him how he expects to keep his troupe riches safe, but he says something about, there is no need for excess, or something like that.



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