Waterdeep Warriors

The Operation

Our adventures track the Sliders' trail to a docks' district warehouse.

Without their old leader, the group seems to be doing a bit better after sorting out some of the leadership woes. They found through the most honorable methods of interrogation, so I’m told, that the speedster criminal worked out of a place in the docks district. They headed over there that very night and the City Watch of the docks turned a blind eye. They were attacked by some very competent soldiers is my understanding. These soldier’s caused quite a bit of damage down at the docks. Fortunately our friends had nothing to do with the damage. Some slanderous lies have pegged the Dancing Mermaid’s own Bang, the drummer, of all people as the largest offender.

There were reports that the fiends taking residence in this warehouse were actually running a drug smuggling ring. To think something like that happening in the docks ward of all places! I heard that there was also a fire down there, quite an exciting night for the crew.

I can’t wait to talk to Bang about the rumors about him! To think a simple performer involved in such an event. He’ll laugh and laugh and laugh.



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