Waterdeep Warriors

Veran's Vigilant

The troupe takes up a new banner and strives to get settled and get all their questions answered in a foreign city. Clay however is just looking for answers as he tries to pick up the mantle of leadership.

Veran’s Vigiliant

Rather catchy don’t you think? I gave them the suggestion myself you see. I figured a good way to honor a dear friend and colleague is to name your adventuring party after him. It will certainly not close any doors, as Veran was well thought of. It’s already gotten me admittance into the spring costume party at the Thann residence. I simply explained how I am the guide, sage and chronicler of the troupe and I was admitted without hesitation. I may have promised the lad at the door a free drink at my tavern the Dancing Mermaid. I explained that I’m a very silent partner of course, so you may not have heard of this news.



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