Waterdeep Warriors

Watered Down Answers

The party searches the city in hopes of reclaiming some lost wealth and getting up to date in their affairs.

You would think they are on vacation that lot. The way they vagabond about; opening accounts with moneylenders, going on to worship and wrestling? I was hoping they would get to work for me already. Ah well, such is life. I wanted to spend a bit of time working to decode that secret novel. Well the urchin who sold it to me said it was secret. Seems to me it’s just a cookbook of sorts. I can’t seem to recall where I left it though, I tossed my reading area and scanned through my shelves but it is nowhere to be found. I think perhaps a powerful wizard took it out of here. Ahh well, plenty of time to work on my next book….

I seem to have overheard a tanner had gone missing, seems some young welp was asking questions in the district about him right before he disappeared. Noone seems to remember more than that. In fact a lady swears she saw him, but is unable to describe him at all. She’s up in arms saying a demon must have removed her brain and eaten the memories. Can you believe that? Thinking a wizard would take the time for her? For me and my book perhaps, but not for some old woman in the markets!

Clay seems to have taken Veran’s loss pretty hard, he’s all business these days. He seems intent on holding everyone together though, I think he’ll make a fine leader….



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