• Cuanu


    Manager of the Dancing Mermaid. A part time party member as well.
  • Danilo Thann

    Danilo Thann

    A handsome fool? A charming performer? A dangerous foe? Who is Danilo Thann....
  • Kelben Blackstaff Arunsun

    Kelben Blackstaff Arunsun

    This gruff older man holds powerful secrets and pulls many a string in the worlds affairs.
  • Laeral Silverhand

    Laeral Silverhand

    Betrothed to Khelben Blackstaff, mystery shrouds the rest of her live's details.
  • Mirt the Money Lender

    Mirt the Money Lender

    Owner of a lenders show, Mirt always seems to know more than he lets on...
  • Volothamp Geddarm

    Volothamp Geddarm

    Volo is a novelist, bard and sage who chronicles the adventures of our party.