• Cuanu


    Manager of the Dancing Mermaid. A part time party member as well.
  • Danilo Thann

    Danilo Thann

    A handsome fool? A charming performer? A dangerous foe? Who is Danilo Thann....
  • Deyner D'Phiarlan

    Deyner D'Phiarlan

    5ft4in female moon elf. Very pale skin with a slight blue tinge. Hair is long and white and eyes are light green with fire red flecks. Ears are VERY long with earrings of all sorts going all they way up both.
  • Kelben Blackstaff Arunsun

    Kelben Blackstaff Arunsun

    This gruff older man holds powerful secrets and pulls many a string in the worlds affairs.
  • Laeral Silverhand

    Laeral Silverhand

    Betrothed to Khelben Blackstaff, mystery shrouds the rest of her live's details.
  • Mirt the Money Lender

    Mirt the Money Lender

    Owner of a lenders show, Mirt always seems to know more than he lets on...
  • Volothamp Geddarm

    Volothamp Geddarm

    Volo is a novelist, bard and sage who chronicles the adventures of our party.