A very unusual half-orc bard who just wants to bang on the drum all day.


Bang is 7’ 2", weighing in at about 320lbs. He’s taller and more muscular than the average half-orc. His hair is long, black, braided, and extends to the top of his butt. He also has a short black beard and mustache. Two small fangs poke out the sides of his mouth and has an elaborate set of five earrings interconnected on his left ear. His one red eye and one hazel eye stand out the most, but if you look carefully enough you can see a bit of red even in his hazel eye.

Bang is versed in many languages and is well read, but doesn’t show anyone this side of him. He chooses to act like the typical unintelligent half-orc who likes to talk very little and smash things. Recently he’s gained a very intense hatred for thorns and anything thorny. With his rabbit skin drum, gong on his butt, and Ghost-shocker on his back, he’s ready to play and slay.

Used picture, credit to him for the work.


Bang’s memories are fuzzy about the past. All he can really remember is that his father was killed by the nobles he worked for and his mother exiled. Anything before and after that is a total blank up until he wakes up in a orc camp. This is how he learns of King Many-Arrows and his orc legion. Having forgotten much about himself (including his name) and his past, Bang decides to travel with the orcs to meet the King.

Bang travels with the orcs, helping them gather forces and fight whoever stands in their way. At one village in particular though, Bang hears the faint sound of a harp. He goes off alone, intent on ending the playing. When Bang arrives though, he’s so enchanted by the sounds, he decides to not end the man’s life. The man introduces himself as Eirik Rodolph. He talks to Bang about his life, his path, and how he understands Bang’s struggle. “If you wish to learn more, meet me in one year’s time at the Frosty Mug in Mirabar.”

Bang leaves with the orcs and after another couple weeks of travel, he finds himself at the Keep of Many-Arrows. The king takes an interest in the orc with no name and teaches him some things about fighting and educates him about the world. As time goes on Bang finds himself interested in reading lots of books, though mostly about history. He also finds a pair of worn out drums which he feels strangely drawn to and begins to play them during his free time. As it gets close to a year, Bang informs his King that he will be leaving for an unknown length of time to train with Eirik. The King allows him to go, but requests him to return as soon as he is finished.

Bang trains with Eirik for three years in the ways of being a bard. They perform in taverns, create songs and poetry, track down lost information, and spar. As Eirik feels Bang is finally ready to go out and follow his path, he gives him a parting gift. A pair of handcrafted drums. Bang thanks him for everything and returns back to his King. Many-Arrows welcomes him back with open arms and Bang informs him of everything that happened the last three years. He even performs in front of the king and all the orcs that were currently there. “I have the perfect name for you, from this day forward, you shall be known as Bang.” The King asks for him to continue serving him and to help forward his goals, in return he will grant Bang his own squad and he will allow him to have access to anything he needs.

Bang continues working with Many-Arrows till the day they go into war with the frost giants. It was then he met Veran’s group and everything changed….


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