Deyner D'Phiarlan

5ft4in female moon elf. Very pale skin with a slight blue tinge. Hair is long and white and eyes are light green with fire red flecks. Ears are VERY long with earrings of all sorts going all they way up both.


Out to make money and have fun. Overall a good person, but has no problem making $ as needed.

Enjoys spending time in woods with Patunia, practicing magic and playing with fire (literally and figuratively).


Daughter of Rolgeran the merchant and his wife Sylvana a sorceress. Sylvana creates and repairs magical items in her husbands store. The family has a ranch on the outskirts of the city which is now run by Deyner’s older brother Dellen. She has three older brothers. The oldest, Lucician is a politician, Chael works at the shop with the parents and Dellen runs the ranch.

Deyner has always had an affinity of fire as her first spells developed in this form. Her mother helped her control her powers and develop them further. She helped her brother on the family ranch and hung out in the woods while her parents worked in the shop. She actively avoided the shop as she hated the majority of the patrons. Most of the male patrons assumed her mother was a maid or a secretary so they would only do business with her father while many of the female patrons were easily ripped off. When she was old enough she would protect the ranch from threats and hired herself out as a guide to travelers through woods since she knew them so well. Eventually she ensured that the ranch would remain safe and grew board with the local woods. She met Eth and they decided to set out in search of fun and profit. Before she left her mother gave her a red veil, that would help protect her “little ember.”

Patunia is Deyner’s ever present screech owl companion. Deyner came across a group of school boys in the woods surrounding Patunia throwing rocks at her. Deyner chased off the boys, took Patunia home, fixed her broken wing and now Patunia wont leave her side.

Not very religious, however she does recognize Tamora.“…most sorceresses are self taught with no master to induct them into a religion.” (p.53 PHB)

Has been encountering fire more and more lately and is begining to embrace it. Has found that fire has started to manifest more and more as a part of her spells. Also, she is finding that wearing her mothers veil as an extension of herself.

Deyner D'Phiarlan

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