Volothamp Geddarm

Volo is a novelist, bard and sage who chronicles the adventures of our party.


Volothamp started as an adventurer many years ago. He found he had quite a knack for stringing his adventures into great tales so he began performing lengthy ballads and plays in taverns around the realms as he and his band moved from one adventure to the next. He dabbled a bit in wizardry but finds he is a far better story teller than spellcaster. His 20 plus years of adventuring have gained him a wealth of knowledge of the realms, though not always the most accurate.

He finally brought his first book to a young bard and reformed con-artist Marcus Wands. He tried to con Volothamp into investing in an upstart publishing company. The problem is, Volo managed to secure all the details so that Marcus actually ended up, against his will, opening Tyme Waterdeep Limited and published Volo’s first book; Volo’s Guide to All things Magical. An instant hit in Waterdeep and soon the surrounding countryside, Marcus decided to stay on as Volo’s full time publisher. Though he is far from pure and good, he certainly is reformed from most of his worst habits.

Volothamp Geddarm

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