Book: Scrolls of Nether

This rather vague description of the powerful Scrolls of Nether


This tome is written in the style of classic chronicle recording. It’s sources seem first hand and offers source quotes.

The Nether Scrolls consists of two sets of 50 scrolls each, one set older and more tarnished than the other, and are possibly the most powerful artifacts in the realms. They contain no magic other than the knowledge of magic they document. The scrolls are the reason that our society has advanced as it has. Only the archmagus are allowed to access the scrolls, but what they have created thus far has been beyond belief.

Many suspect that the scrolls are actually knowledge of magic from the creators themselves. After some discoveries, such as the Mythalar, that theory has become more likely. Recently the wizard Karsus has some convinced he may be able to take a higher seat of power in the world. He says he’ll create a new class of archmagus…

Book: Scrolls of Nether

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