Waterdeep Warriors

Assassin's Creed
Denion's Call to the Order of the Shadow
Long Lost Mother
Zhuleika discover's her mother is still alive in Aglarond. The troupe heads there to support her and see if there is any work for them. Szass Tam has other plans.
Death of an Ally
Sir Gareth helps the troupe locate a hidden den of worshipers of Cyric. Can their evil magic ressurect Denion?
Thwarting the Slave Trade
The troupe hears of a seedy tavern that may be a front for the slave trade. Denion is killed by a troupe member!
The Sunken Citadel
Our adventurer's happen-chance upon a small town in Cormyr

I can still hardly believe this,
I send an invitation to these nitwits and they take a full month to come and see me. I mean, most people can get from Cormyr to Waterdeep in a span! I think perhaps this dark winged sod Veran has some sort of broken sextant. I hear that there was quite a story involved all over some silly apple. I guess they talked to a druid down in this sunken temple that had gone wrong and was employing goblins of all things. Smelly little buggers they are, but they got what was coming to them. I guess there was also some Kobolds and they had some sort of rivalry over a baby white dragon. Can you believe it? A real white dragon this far south?

Glad they finally got wise and headed west to Waterdeep. Maybe we can do some business now….


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