Waterdeep Warriors

The Operation
Our adventures track the Sliders' trail to a docks' district warehouse.

Without their old leader, the group seems to be doing a bit better after sorting out some of the leadership woes. They found through the most honorable methods of interrogation, so I’m told, that the speedster criminal worked out of a place in the docks district. They headed over there that very night and the City Watch of the docks turned a blind eye. They were attacked by some very competent soldiers is my understanding. These soldier’s caused quite a bit of damage down at the docks. Fortunately our friends had nothing to do with the damage. Some slanderous lies have pegged the Dancing Mermaid’s own Bang, the drummer, of all people as the largest offender.

There were reports that the fiends taking residence in this warehouse were actually running a drug smuggling ring. To think something like that happening in the docks ward of all places! I heard that there was also a fire down there, quite an exciting night for the crew.

I can’t wait to talk to Bang about the rumors about him! To think a simple performer involved in such an event. He’ll laugh and laugh and laugh.

Game on!
The group needs to speed things up to catch up to these troublemakers.

I say, this is strange news indeed. Apparently there is a gang of ruffians going by the name of the “Sliders”. They seem to be comprised of young people from various different backgrounds. I’ve seen many with their blood red bandanas flapping behind them as they come skittering through town at break neck speed. The Watch has caught and fined many of them, but they typically go through town so fast and so abruptly the watch is unable to get a handle on the group.

Last I hear my good friends have managed to catch one of them. Their interrogation of the person has been going well. I think they have a direction to search. The guard has turned a blind eye while they check out this lead.

Watered Down Answers
The party searches the city in hopes of reclaiming some lost wealth and getting up to date in their affairs.

You would think they are on vacation that lot. The way they vagabond about; opening accounts with moneylenders, going on to worship and wrestling? I was hoping they would get to work for me already. Ah well, such is life. I wanted to spend a bit of time working to decode that secret novel. Well the urchin who sold it to me said it was secret. Seems to me it’s just a cookbook of sorts. I can’t seem to recall where I left it though, I tossed my reading area and scanned through my shelves but it is nowhere to be found. I think perhaps a powerful wizard took it out of here. Ahh well, plenty of time to work on my next book….

I seem to have overheard a tanner had gone missing, seems some young welp was asking questions in the district about him right before he disappeared. Noone seems to remember more than that. In fact a lady swears she saw him, but is unable to describe him at all. She’s up in arms saying a demon must have removed her brain and eaten the memories. Can you believe that? Thinking a wizard would take the time for her? For me and my book perhaps, but not for some old woman in the markets!

Clay seems to have taken Veran’s loss pretty hard, he’s all business these days. He seems intent on holding everyone together though, I think he’ll make a fine leader….

Veran's Vigilant
The troupe takes up a new banner and strives to get settled and get all their questions answered in a foreign city. Clay however is just looking for answers as he tries to pick up the mantle of leadership.

Veran’s Vigiliant

Rather catchy don’t you think? I gave them the suggestion myself you see. I figured a good way to honor a dear friend and colleague is to name your adventuring party after him. It will certainly not close any doors, as Veran was well thought of. It’s already gotten me admittance into the spring costume party at the Thann residence. I simply explained how I am the guide, sage and chronicler of the troupe and I was admitted without hesitation. I may have promised the lad at the door a free drink at my tavern the Dancing Mermaid. I explained that I’m a very silent partner of course, so you may not have heard of this news.

The Mourning After
Everyone deals with the somber reality that Veran their friend and leader, has been lost....

Gods be Damned!

I can’t believe that boy is dead. I know he had no sense of humor, but he was someone I could count on. The rest of the new troupe seems more like a band of beggars and manure farmers than they do proper adventurer’s. That Clay fellow has done nicely by them to get everyone home safe, but what will they do without Veran? Who will lead this rif-raff? Also, I hope they don’t pull my tab at the Dancing Mermaid.

If it weren’t for the free drinks, I mean the great atmosphere I’d stop going. I can’t put up with another terrible ballad that pompous moron Danillo Thann has been vomitting at the audience lately. Honestly, I don’t know why all those women fawn over him so. Even the twins, Golden Steel and Winter’s Breath, are always drawn to the pig faced dandy!

I’d be suprised too if the mermaid had any money left the way their caretaker Cuanu has been running things. I tell you, the orphanges’ and churchs’ pockets are mighty heavy. The poor sod has a nice heart, but he’s bad for a business. I heard he sponsored the entirety of the new central orphanage of waterdeep with funds from the troupe’s pockets. I tell you, if Marco were half the buffoon that this Cuanu is when it comes to running an establishment, I’d beat him senseless. I asked him how he expects to keep his troupe riches safe, but he says something about, there is no need for excess, or something like that.

Assassin's Creed
Denion's Call to the Order of the Shadow
Long Lost Mother
Zhuleika discover's her mother is still alive in Aglarond. The troupe heads there to support her and see if there is any work for them. Szass Tam has other plans.
Death of an Ally
Sir Gareth helps the troupe locate a hidden den of worshipers of Cyric. Can their evil magic ressurect Denion?
Thwarting the Slave Trade
The troupe hears of a seedy tavern that may be a front for the slave trade. Denion is killed by a troupe member!
The Sunken Citadel
Our adventurer's happen-chance upon a small town in Cormyr

I can still hardly believe this,
I send an invitation to these nitwits and they take a full month to come and see me. I mean, most people can get from Cormyr to Waterdeep in a span! I think perhaps this dark winged sod Veran has some sort of broken sextant. I hear that there was quite a story involved all over some silly apple. I guess they talked to a druid down in this sunken temple that had gone wrong and was employing goblins of all things. Smelly little buggers they are, but they got what was coming to them. I guess there was also some Kobolds and they had some sort of rivalry over a baby white dragon. Can you believe it? A real white dragon this far south?

Glad they finally got wise and headed west to Waterdeep. Maybe we can do some business now….


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