House Thann

Thann is a Waterdhavian house who’s members are known as some of the leading vinters of the region, with large land-holdings in the South and strong ties to the Blackstaff Tower. They are closely allied with the Tethyrian royal house.

Currently the Matriarch of the family, Cassandra Thann runs most of the day to day operations. Her much senior husband Rhammas Thann is mostly retired from family affairs.

The Thann’s have 7 children, notably Zelphar Thann their eldest son who is slowly inheriting the family interests. Most of the other children are forced to strike out on their own and have done fairly well.

However their youngest and sixth child, Danillo Thann seems much more interested in playing the role of the pompous noble, rather than concern himself with a business he has no stake in.

House Thann

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