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Greeting’s weary travelers,

come and sit with me for a while. My fire is large and has plenty of warmth to share. I see you are farmers. Ah wheat farmers, a noble profession, though not very exciting I would think. Rather boring actually, could not picture being a farmer as an exciting or fullfilling… Oh sorry, of course you are an important part of everyone’s life, I’m sure you have a very exciting farming life.

I am a collector you see, a great collector of stories. You know many stories do you? Many stories have some truth to them, but you never get to hear them first hand, as a farmer I mean. An account from the chronicler who recorded them is rare. Well perhaps I could tell you a story which I have chronicled first hand. All of the stories I tell become famous you see. You would have heard of me of course. I am Volothamp Geddarm, or Volo for short, though don’t count me so…

Ah you have heard of me? Good, I thought for a moment you may be a barbarian farmer, but no if you’ve heard of me, you would be a person of culture and intelli….. What did you say? No I had nothing to do with that, the Grand Duke’s daughter was already pregnant before I even got to Baldur’s Gate. No, that’s not true either, how could I kill Elminster the wizard by sneezing on him? Tymora help me, this one may be damaged goods.

That is exactly what I speak of! You should start hearing true stories, not the faerie tales you have been told traveling the roads, spread by filthy rumormongers. Sit back traveler and I will tell you of true heroes, well not in the strictest sense, but adventurers for certain. Who alone have shaped the very world we live in today.

Where are you going? This story will amaze you, it contains the dungeons and dragons. Not interested? What do you mean a penny a’ plenty? The stories I have are the rarest sort, I can assure you. They are filled with mystery, romance, adventure and sometimes the silliest of follies.

Good good, please sit, have some more stew while I consider where to begin…

Ah yes……It was a cold midwinter’s day near the borders of Cormyr and the people of Oakhurst had many a problem to worry them…

Tell me more Master Volothamp!

Home Page

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